Making Coffee

I awoke this morning in a state of alertness.  There was a true sense of mission about me.  Gotta get some tasks crossed off my ‘to do’ list.

Coffee was the first step to this important mission.  Make coffee.  Make coffee alertly.  To this end, I dumped yesterday’s coffee grinds into the garbage.

The lid to the garbage bucket flipped up and spilled some of the dry grounds onto the floor.  No big deal.  I set about filling the coffee pot with filtered water from our filtered water jug – just let it pour while I cleaned up my mess.

In life one should always take the path of least resistance.  We think it’s the easy way out, but it’s not.  It’s the smart way.  The right tool for the job makes the job go smoothly.  This job needed a vacuum cleaner.  My kitchen wisdom is mighty.

So I’m fumbling with Frank’s vacuum, having never used it before.  I’m looking for the ‘On’ switch when I hear an unpleasant sound.  The coffee pot is over-flowing with freshly filtered water – all over the floor.

Things come up in life when we least expect them.  Fortunately I have an agile philosophical mind.  One must prioritize his priorities in life as well.  I’d like to rewrite my one sheet for RedShirts.  I also need to transfer my project sites from mobileMe to WordPress.  Recognizing these priorities with clarity, and then ordering them along a path of least resistance is wise.  After studying a number of philosophy texts, and contemplating them over many years, I have come to learn that ‘turning off the water to an overflowing coffee pot’ is an immediate priority over many other things.

I now had a wet waterish mess on my hands in addition to the dry coffee grind mess.  Might as well get the coffee brewing whilst I clean both.  It would be a hard earned coffee to be sure.

So now I’m on my knees sopping water off the floor, doing my best to keep it away from the dry coffee grounds.  It was then that I realized an opportunity presented itself.  I only saw the opportunity because I’m so amazingly open minded.  Opportunities happen everyday, everywhere.  It takes a keenly focused mind like mine to recognize them.

By mixing the water mess with the coffee grind mess, I can clean up both at the same time.  No need for the vacuum cleaner.  I could almost hear angel song.  Almost.  Their warm up was disrupted by an awful sound coming from the coffee maker.

Turns out I switched it on without pouring the water into the reservoir.

I’m driving to Hamilton today with Frank to watch the Riders open their season against the Ti-Cats.  Never seen a game in Ivor Wynn Stadium.  Looking forward to it.

I hope it goes better for the Riders than coffee did for me this morning.

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