Summer Brain Camp

I’m sitting in the window of a local restaurant on Danforth, just off the Chester subway stop.  I have a meeting in 20 minutes, and another one 2 hours after that downtown.

Just finished meeting with Bruce at CBC.  I didn’t have anything specific to talk to him about.  Mostly I just want to keep the channel open with a good contact.  Kind of a pun right there.

He asked me how things are going for me and I told him.  Immediately he started rattling off his own list of contacts who could help me, and he said he’d make introductions for me.  What a super duper swell guy!

We fell into a conversation about fatherhood after that.  He also has a 13 year old daughter, who’s off to camp right away.  We both cringed at the goings on we both know are going to be going on once the sun drops from the sky, and the camp councillors get preoccupied, occupying each other.  My only hope is that Jazzy will be the heartbreaker, and not the heartbreakie.

On a personal note, I can feel my brain running a little hot.  The thinky thoughts aren’t coming out as smoothly as I’d like.  Might be time for an oil change, or a good long wander through the city.  Not worried about it though.  My brain moves in cycles.  Sometimes I’m on my game, and sometimes, not so much.

I’ll spend the next few days looking for a little clarity.

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