Well Replenishment

Yesterday went a little slower than I expected.  Not a terrible thing because my weekend was wall to wall packed.  A little slow time is not a bad thing.

I spent part of my time working on a private website I created for myself and the guys from the Romanian Syndicate back home.  Being so far away has me appreciating the sense of community I got from those guys.  Normally we exchange the odd email chain letter over stupid shit that don’t matter.  That’s pretty much us at our best –  and it doesn’t matter if those words are written or have voice to them.

I was still productive, but just really slow about it.  I set up three meetings for Wednesday, wrote curriculum for another photography workshop, and took care of a few little things.  Today has more of the same on the plate.

I’m also feeling a need to get some reading done.  Maybe a script or a philosophy book I’ve been carrying around.  I can feel the well is running dry, and more importantly, I can feel a powerful need to replenish it.

How about I make that a priority tonight?  Well replenishment seems like a good evening type activity.

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