Monday morning and I’m having my breakfast on the deck.  It’s been a great couple of days, full of creativity and wandering aimlessly.

I taught a photography workshop on Sunday.  Led nine students in and around the U of T campus, looking for various lighting conditions, and then learning how to make something of them.  We shot in rain, sun, low light, night time, and interior pub lighting.  It was a great bunch of people with a varied set of backgrounds.  One is an architect who’s designing a house for a client in Regina.  Another is a photographer who photographs sporting events.  He’s going to get me into the Honda Indy in two weeks.  We all swapped phone numbers at the end, and maybe we’ll maintain some kind of informal photography group online after this.  The workshop started at 4pm and went until after 10pm.

I spent the rest of the weekend putting a spec video together for a potential client.  I’m just trying to meet as many different kinds of people as possible in this new town of mine.  Polishing my craft whilst I do it seems like a great way to get myself further, faster in the process.  Writers write.  Creators create.

The trick to living an unstable lifestyle, full of freedom, unlimited potential, and complete lack of regular pay checks, is to push methinks.  I have no idea how this week will unfold.  I have no plans for the summer, except to keep pushing.  Good things are on the horizon.  I can feel it in my bones.

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