I was sitting on the subway last night, kind of half watching a group of three 20 somethings sporting a box of Papst Blue Ribbon Beer.  One of the girls noticed me, smiled, reached into the box and handed me a can of V8 vegetable juice.  We fell into a conversation after that.  Turns out they’re members of a Weezer cover band called ‘Sheezer‘.  By the time I got to my stop at Dundas West, they unloaded an apple, and some other funny looking fruit (a lumpy pear) on me.

I saw my first Argos game on Tuesday afternoon.  Wrote about it in my Argo Blog.    It was my first chance to meet other members of the ‘Argos Admirals’ social networking team – a motley bunch to be sure.  Some are more tech geeks than football fans, but that’s what’s great about us.  We bring different things to the table.

The game started with a tour of Rogers Centre.  Got down to field level, met some of the players, walked on the turf, then went up to the press box for a quick look-see.  Afterwards we sat in the stands at about the 30 yard line.   Great site lines.  The town has a looooooooooong ways to go before they could even touch the atmosphere of Mosaic Stadium.  Still, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

This is the part of the blog where I mention Shelby.

Today has editing on the agenda.  McKenzie, an actress from the monologues show I saw the other week, is coming over with a short film she wrote, produced, directed, and acted in.  It’s been a year and she still needs to cut it.  I offered my services.  Seems like a good way to get to know her better, not to mention participating a bit in the arts community here.

Today is the first official day of summer.  I’ve been doing much to put myself out there, not just on the sidewalk taking in street festivals and the like, but online, looking to set up meetings, write, create, participate, and be.  The ROM is interested in working with me on something.  I’m teaching a photography class on the weekend.  I’m cutting this thing with McKenzie.  I’m beginning to FEEL like I’m part of the scene out here, and not just a spectator taking things i.

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