In Reverse

Welcome to my new website.

After being forced to evacuate Apple’s mobileMe platform, I now find myself and all my thinky thoughts in a better place.  The new site is searchable and categorized into categories that more or less fit into certain categorical topics.  Search for your name, and you may be surprised to see how often you come up.

Cutting, pasting and categorizing every article I ever wrote over the last eight years (660 articles in all), has me feeling rather sick of myself.  It’s like I was reading the story of my life in reverse.  So many times I read about some great decision I was about to make, and had to cringe a bit knowing full well the result of that choice.  There were also times I felt quite inspired by the things I lived through.

Reading so much of my own personal history in such a compressed period of time also has me feeling pensive.  In general, I’m pretty happy to be me.  Made tons of mistakes, and I’m nowhere close to being done.  Think I’ve learned from most of ’em though and I remain optimistic about my uncertain future.

I’m here in Toronto, standing at the beginning of the next chapter in my life.  It can go a million different ways, and I’m pretty okay with that.  All I can do is put myself out there, focus on my creativity, and meet as many people creatures as possible.

What could possibly go wrong?

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