Little Things

I bought a new ‘to-do list’ app for my iPhone.  I’ve been using it for almost a week now and it’s been effective in keeping me motivated to get stuff done.  When looming deadlines aren’t looming, I find it difficult to be productive.  When crossing things off a to-do is the prize at the end of a tunnel, I’m motivated.

It’s all little things mostly.  Send this email, make that phone call, follow-up with so-and-so, and so on.  Little things tend to fall off my radar when I’m not thinking about them.  It’s been the story of my life.  Forget the little things and let the big things become mountains to  climb.

I get into these moods where I really want to kick myself in my own ass.  Things aren’t happening fast enough for my liking, or I dwell too much on shoulda, woulda, coulda.  Mostly it’s a deserved kick in the ass too.  I can be doing more, but I don’t and my mood sinks as a result.

Thus far the to-do list app has been keeping me on track.  I’ve had one of my most productive weeks in recent memory, and I’ve still had time to play.  I finished a one-sheet for RedShirts and sent it off to a number of contacts.  Pitched Moment to another producer.  Finished a music video.  Edited some photographs.  Drew up a curriculum for a photography class.  Finished a client video.  Took two meetings.  Researched OMDC.  Managed my finances.  Managed three blogs.

If I can keep up this pace, I see good things in my future.  Mostly, I’ll feel pretty super duper alright about myself.

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