A Utilitarian Attempt to Recapture History

I’m in the process of moving my old blog over to this new WordPress site.  Apple’s discontinuation of mobileMe has forced the move, but thus far the transition has been satisfying, though not without its problems.  I’ll get into more details about the change in another article.  For now I desperately need to scratch my blogging itch.

While transferring the old blog to the new site has forced me to hold off on writing new articles these past eleven days, I haven’t gone entirely without living my life.  I recently launched a sports blog The Green Blooded Argo Fan and I’ve been enjoying Toronto’s sights, sounds, people, places, and weather.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent conversation I overheard.

“Are we blowing up the Jag tomorrow?”

“No. We’re doing that on the 29th.”

I spent time with a Saskatchewan colleague, Mark Reid, who’s PMing The LA Complex.  I was expecting an obligatory ‘help out the guy from back home’ sort of thing, but Mark was BEYOND accommodating.  He filled me up with good contacts and he’ll be making e-introductions for me this week.  He toured me around the studio, introduced me to the producers, and let me sit in on a couple takes of one scene.  I’ve seen a lot of movie making magic in my time, but I’ve never seen as well-oiled an operation as this one – and they’re blowing up a Jag.

I also picked up some good contacts from Lee Harris.  We had beers at his condo poolside overlooking the Lake.  He wants me to help with a series he’s developing with NBC.  Needs a schwack of editors and thought of me.  The gig potentially starts in July, and it will conflict with the CFC program if I get accepted.  We’ll see how things shake out.

I hung out this weekend with Sharon.  We attended a launch party for Summer Works, a prestigious theatre festival.  Cool sexy people were there.  Great venue.  Free food.  Cheep booze.  Entertainment was terrible though.  It featured a woman standing on one leg for three minutes, and a karaoke group doing Bohemian Rhapsody.  We left at intermission after phoning up Rachel and Waylon for a games night.  We played Settlers of Catan until 1am.  Much more fun.

This article feels rather utilitarian.  A desperate attempt to write down history before I forget. That’s what happens when I go eleven days between entries I guess.  I’ll raise the bar for next time.

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