I am an official part of the communications team for the Toronto Argonauts.  I’ll be blogging, creating stories, and making the odd video about the team as part of their social media effort.  I’ll get into games for free, and get to be close to the team.  It’s a volunteer position, but most significantly, I’ll be writing for a multimillion dollar organization in the 5th largest market in North America.

I don’t even have to switch allegiances.  I told them up front that Toronto is my 2nd favourite team, after Saskatchewan.  They actually felt that was an asset (given my first hand knowledge of the Mosaic Stadium experience).

It’s a cold windy raining day in Toronto today.  I don’t mind.  Put on my rain jacket and set off for the subway.  It’s actually the very best way to deal with the rain – walking in it I mean.  It’s like the difference between playing the game, and watching it.  Participating in a rain shower is always much better than watching it.

On Wednesday I attended a series of monologues with Sharon and her friend Farrah.  We met Sharon’s other friend Lorne at the theatre.  The night was the culmination of four women workshopping their personal stories for four weeks, and then honing them for the stage.  It was a great time and I’m keen to participate in the next round of monologues in the fall.

Last night I organized a read for Dick.  Sharon, Leach, Melanie, Frank’s friend Oleg, and his friend Nadia came out.  Lorne, whom I met at the monologues, also was there.  He was quite impressed with the play and offered to send it to his friend, who happens to be an artistic director at a theatre company here in Toronto.  I wasn’t expecting it to find a home for the upcoming 2012-13 theatre season, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been sending the play to theatre companies in Chicago (#2 market in North America), and when I’m finished with that exhaustive list, I’ll turn my focus on New York (#1 market in North America).  Of course Toronto is on the radar too, but I just didn’t expect an opportunity to come up so soon.

It’s June 1st and I have a whole month to stir up some things.  I’m excited to see what nuggets float to the top.

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