The music was alright and Sasha was great, but the vibe was off.  Clubs aren’t really my scene, but she felt it too, and she plays in clubs all the time.  It still was worthwhile though.  Spent Saturday night floating on a big boat outside Toronto’s signature skyline on Lake Ontario.  I only wish I had someone to share the view with.

While Saturday was spent on the water, Sunday marked the beginning of my summer walking tour of Toronto.  You really get to know a place by walking around.  It all started Sunday when Frank invited me to the beach.

Ashbridge’s Bay Park deserves a whole article to itself, and so I won’t go into much detail here.  Spent over an hour walking Lake Ontario’s shoreline.  Hard to believe I was still inside the city.  I discovered all kinds of nooks and fire pits and places to sit and think.  It’s only the tip of the Toronto green space iceberg.

On Monday I headed downtown for my usual pilgrimage to Urbana Coffee.  Plus 31 outside and sunny.  Hard to concentrate on work stuff.  At 7pm I headed over to the U of T campus for a change of scenery.  Plugged in my laptop and worked for a couple more hours.  Finished a one-sheet forDick.

Exiting the building, I found enough change in my pocket for the subway, but it was still such a beautiful evening.  Figured I’d walk it a spell.  Walked through Queen’s Park and once I hit Bloor, still felt like walking.  Walked all the way home in fact.  Took an hour or so, but I saw the city in a way that would be impossible by any other means.

At walking speed, you get to hear a place.  You get to smell it.  You have time to notice the small things.  Walked right past a few nooks I’d like to return to someday soon.

I’ve talked to people who’ve lived in Toronto their whole lives, and they still haven’t seen everything that’s here.  It’s actually mind boggling.  There’s so much to see and do in this city.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to scope it out.

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