Work Work Work

Toronto hit a muggy 31 degrees yesterday while Regina saw rain and a bit of snow.  If I weren’t so damned uncomfortably hot, I would have felt smug.  To this end, I went out an bought an air conditioner from Canadian Tire.  Fit it in the window and slept in a cool-sweat free bliss.

While the heat motivated the purchase, I felt it was more of a celebratory present to myself.  I was hired by School of Photography to be one of their instructors.  I can teach their curriculum, or design my own.  Hours are flexible and I can freely and openly pursue my writing career without conflict.  Diddo for any other gigs I pick up.

Today has RedShirts on the plate.  I plan to finish the first draft by the end of the day.  I have 7 – 10 pages to go, so the goal is doable.  I’m a little worried about two five page scenes that take up most of Act I.  Not sure if I can get away with that, but I left them intact because there is some action sequences, and the characters have a lot of physical space to move in.  The director can keep things unstagnant with some savvy blocking, which will allow the camera to move as well.

Tonight I trade my photographic eye for a free pass onto a boat cruise party.  One of the performers is Sasha De La Soul and she wants me to get some footage of her banging her drum.  It’s super casual so I can partake of the festivities whilst shooting the odd bit of footage for her.  She actually insisted that I have fun tonight.

Work work work.

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