Head Shots and Deadlines

Scorching hot outside today.  Frank’s at the beach.  He invited me to join him, but I elected to get some work done instead.  How’s that for responsibility?

The photo shoot earlier today went well.  The client left happy and the fat wad of cash in my pocket is amicable to my mood.  He said he’s got a friend who needs head shots done, and he’ll recommend me.  He actually came to me through a referral from Kylah, who also had me do her head shots.

Have I mentioned her before?  She’s someone I met standing in line to an improv thing last month.  She came out to readDick before I left for the festival and we’ll probably work together again soon.

The meeting with Alexis went well.  Half the talking sounds we made were of the social variety, and the rest was advice.  I promised to send her a completed draft of Redshirts on Saturday.  She said she’ll read it and if she likes it, pass it on to her boss creature.  Submitting a draft to her by Saturday will involve actually finishing this current draft.  Nothing like a good tangible deadline to motivate the wordsmithing.

We’re also getting together on Tuesday.  She needs a tutorial in Final Cut Pro and I’m more than happy to oblige.  It’s yet another way to build a relationship with her company.  Besides, if I do a favour for them, they’ll owe me a favour.

Afterwards, I walked from the Distillery District all the way to University and Queen.  Just wanted to spend some time alone with the city.  It really is great to be back.  I missed this place.

Might have to buy a portable air conditioner if this heat keeps up though.  Sleeping at night’s a bit of a problem.

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