Dick Maintenance

I’ve organized a table read tonight for the new draft of Dick. Have I mentioned this already?  Lemme check.

[some minutes pass]

Yup.  Okay, I mentioned that I’d be organizing a table read, but I didn’t get into specifics.  So, this article will be the edge of your seat read about how I organized the table read.  Ready?  Here it goes…

I called some people I know and asked them if they wanted to come.

Feel free to take break now, calm your heart rate, and maybe grab something to drink.  I would feel terrible if my account of recent events caused anyone discomfort.

I supped with Nadia last night.  Food wasn’t really the point of the meal, we just haven’t seen each other in a while.  It was great to catch up and we made a date to go to Montreal in September for her friend’s wedding.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen that city, coincidentally, also on a trip with Nads.  It was New Year’s Weekend, 2007.  We were there two days before we even saw the sun.  It was THAT kind of a party.

Afterwards I drove over to Shawn’s with a burning desire to rotate my tires.  No really.  He has a garage and a jack, and jack stands and he’s handy with that sort of thing.  Not that I’d just stand around and watch him – I’d help myself to his beer fridge too.

We went out front to have a look at my tires.  He had me run my hands along the rear treads.  They felt lumpy – which is a problem for something that’s supposed to be perfectly round.  No wonder they’re noisy.  He suggested I pick up a couple before I leave for Toronto and I’ve been pondering that ever since.

But first I drank a couple of his beers.

This morning I decided to skip new tires.  Went for an oil change instead.  I figure I’ll buy a set of four new tires in Toronto this summer.  These ones still have 10k left on their expected lifespan.  The lumpiness is an inconvenience, but certainly not a safety issue.

Speaking of safety issues, I did manage to read Dick last night before Nadia showed up at supper.  It’s good.  I think it’s about done in fact.  Ready and safe to be shopped around without permanently damaging my career.  I’ll find out for sure after the read tonight, but I think the others in the room will like it too.

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