Letting Them Know

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  Torn between being home in Regina and being home in Toronto.  My life isn’t really here in Regina anymore and there’s career stuff that needs addressing in TO.

It’s been six months since I moved and while I’ve done much to further my writing career, I’ve pretty much let my other skills fall by the wayside.  I’ve produced or production managed over $5 million in production in my career.  I’ve directed a ton.  I shoot and I edit.  The Toronto industry knows none of these things about me.  I’ve actually made a point of keeping those details buried.  They say they like to pigeon hole you in TO.  They say they frown upon anyone who isn’t a ‘specialist’.  That was the advice I was given, and it’s the advice I’ve been following.

I’ve since come to realize that nobody is going to hire me for their writing room if I don’t have an agent.  I am making progress towards that goal.  In the meantime, I need to pay my bills and take advantage of the opportunities this city offers.  I decided to start putting myself out there.

A producer friend needs help with a series he’s about to green light.  I sent my resume to other production companies in town too.  I have a lot to offer the production community in TO and it’s about time I let them know that.

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