The Latest Draft

I finished the latest draft of Dick this morning.  Gonna give it a quick read on paper right away and see how it feels.  I suspect there’ll be some small tweaks to the dialogue, but in general, I think it has a nice shape.

In adding a couple lines of text here, massaging some dialogue there, and fleshing out scenes in other places, I’ve written an additional 6 pages.  The piece is sitting just past the 91 page mark now.  I also went back to a one-act structure and overall, it should come in at under 70 minutes on stage.  With a little luck, I’ll be able to organize a table read before the weekend.

The most satisfying part of reaching this stage, is that I’ve completed this stage.  Time to start shopping the play around, submitting it to playwriting competitions, Fringe Festivals, and other theatre related destinations.  I can also now focus my attention on other projects.  One thing at a time, one day at a time.

This evening I’ll be hanging out at Crave, helping to organize The Vertigo Series.  Looking forward to seeing more familiar faces, places and things to do.  Less than a week to go in Regina.  Still don’t know how things will unfold.  Kinda like not knowing either.

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