No Big Drama After All

There was no drama last night at the 4 Seasons, except for the part where I spent three hours working on my play.  The individual in question, whom I have my differences with, was the first to arrive.  He just kind of tapped me on the shoulder and roused me from that place I go when I’m deep into my writing.  His energy was subdued, mine was neutral.

Neither of us said a word about the incident. We just refreshed our drinks and hung out.  It was nice.  He’s still an ass, but as I said, I don’t feel the need to go there with him.

The others arrived shortly after.  No dramatic reunion or anything.  It felt like it had only been a couple days since we last saw each other.  Four hours later, we walked out of the place, and it was really, really nice.

As I mentioned, I did spend three hours with my play yesterday.  Didn’t even open my laptop.  Just pen and my printed script.  I haven’t worked that way in a while.  Forgot how refreshing it can be.  I get a different feel for the story when I’m working with it from paper.  I can see it bigger.  I can connect ideas with greater clarity.

The actual script format I used, lent itself to this sort of work.  Stage directions are written on the right side of the page, dialogue on the left.  Lots of white space for notes as a result.  I’m currently half way through scene 6, which also coincides with the half way point to my play.

Today is Mother’s Day.  I’m planning to finish up Dick on paper then set about translating my notes to a new electronic draft on screen.  After that, a trip to Wal-Mart, then home to be all nice to my mother.  I’m going to phone Kathy and Bacia after that as well.

Also, I think I’ll buy black socks.

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