Thinking About Thinky Thoughts

I’m here in Regina thinking thinky thoughts about Toronto.  My career doth beckon, but I’ve got people to see and things I’d like to do here first.  I haven’t decided when I’ll head back yet.  I suspect the decision will present itself over the next few days.

It’s a beautiful warm sunny Saturday today.  Regina’s streets are crawling with street folk, coming and going past my window seat Atlantis perch.  I promised Courtney a new draft of Dick by Sunday evening.  Been sitting here two hours so far, and haven’t even opened it yet.

Mind is wandering too much, and I’m inclined to just let it.  I just finished coffee with Rob King, my director/writer colleague.  He pitched Easy Over to a Toronto producer who found the writing, my writing, to be quite strong.  We should know in the next few days if it’ll be picked it up.  A paid writing gig of my own collaboration would be nice.

Speaking of writing, I submitted my application to the CFC yesterday.  They’re taking applications from the best available writers across the country, conducting interviews, and then accepting just eight of them.  I’m nervous.  I’m excited.  I’m anxious to see how I stack up against the competition.

Speaking of competition, I’m getting together with the Romanian Syndicate tonight.  I’m distributing the winnings from our football pool tonight.  It’ll be nice to see most of them, though I’m having a bit of an issue with one in particular.  I’ve known the guy my whole life, and I’m just now starting to accept that he is, has been, and always will be an insecure little man who seeks to pull others down in order to appear better than everyone else.  I realize that I’m flirting with my ‘no bitching’ rule here, but in this case I’ll plead ‘revelation’.  Since we were kids, this guy would beat me down, and I would compete to win his approval – which never came.  At best, he’d just set his sights on someone else in the group.

He crossed the line a couple weeks back with me.  At the time I said I’d be taking things up with him privately when I got to Regina.  It’s been a couple weeks now and I just haven’t had the desire to pick up the phone.  I think I’ve accepted him.  It will always be in his nature for him to do what he does.  I can’t change that.  The only thing I can do, is not give him power over me.  I’m going to this thing tonight, and I’ll focus my energy on more positive members of the group.

Kate met this guy and a few of my other friends from that group when she helped me move a year ago.  Last night I introduced her Shawn, Cheryl, Brad & Beth.  She liked them much better.  We laughed our asses off playing charades, drinking beergiritas, and philosophizing about shit that don’t matter.  No one was clamouring for alpha retard status and we were all just there to enjoy each others’ company.

It was also nice to show her off as my ‘actor friend’.  Made me look cool by association.

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