Thinking About Shawn and My Dick – Play

I swung by Shawn’s last night.  Didn’t call ahead or anything and it wound up being kind of awkward.  He had just opened up my blog to see what I’ve been up to, and there I was at the door.  It was similar to that time when Dad found a lingerie catalogue under my bed in grade 8.  Perfectly understandable, but still kind of awkward.  Buddies aren’t really supposed to admit to taking that great an interest in each other.

I don’t know why that is exactly.  We’ve known each other for over two decades.  If he had a blog, I’d read it.  We now live in different cities.  It’s perfectly natural to want to keep tabs on each other.  I guess it’s just that talking about it… well, if we talk about it, then what the hell else do we have to talk about?  He already knows my shit.

I was also quite flattered – in a completely manly, non-gay way – not that I have a problem with gay people.  Gay people are welcome to read my stuff too.

This afternoon I had lunch with Michael Scholar, Artistic Associate at Globe Theatre.  I want to see Not Being a Dickon stage someday and he knows approximately 4773 times more about the theatre world than I do.  It proved to be informative.

He recommended that once I get my play in shape, submit it to ‘Summerworks’ in Toronto and the fringe festival circuit around Canada.  They will supply the technician, lights, sound, venue, and some promotion.  Sell tickets.  Get audiences, media, and Artistic Directors to see it.  Generate buzz.  Become critically acclaimed.  Travel the show.  Generate more buzz, expose it to more audiences, media, and Artistic Directors.  Sell more tickets.  Land it in an established theatre and do a bigger production.

Easy to say.  There remain some logistics that need pondering.

At best, this idea becomes a next summer thing.  There may be a small window to get it in some late summer festivals, but then I would have to make Dick my biggest priority for the next few weeks.  I’d really have to look at that kind of time commitment, and see if that’s the best use of my time at this stage of my career.

I am committed to being in the CFC Prime Time Television Program in the fall.  It’s a highly competitive program to get into (only 8 writers are accepted from across Canada each year), but I gotta believe I have a good shot at it.  I’ll be locked down for five months, and my ability to generate income will be limited.  Gotta make a chunk of cash over the next four months, and ideally, I’ll make that money doing something related to writing, producing, directing, shooting, and/or editing.

Is their room to develop a play in there?

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