A Rememberation of Past Events

It’s Sunday morning.  I’m about to get myself ready for the day – pack up, map out the day, and then later buy Kate the lupper I owe her.

It’s been a week full of thoughts, some more profound than others.  Seeing four scenes of my play on stage with Courtney was powerful moving.  I wouldn’t shut up about how moving it was, telling anyone who would listen, the story of my life.  In hindsight, it was really quite embarrassing, but I guess that’s what happens when I get drunk on poetic irony.  It’s possible my lameness wasn’t too well noticed as everyone else was getting drunk off whatever liquids they might have purchased from the bar.

I did phone Julianne the next day to tell her about it.  We had a very nice, non-dramatic conversation about the drama in my life.  I could feel her smiling on the other end of the phone.  I thought it best to end the call at that point.  Makes for a better memory.

I spent the rest of the week sitting in on a few of the other writers’ workshops, falling into dramaturgical conversations about specific plays we saw, or simply just talking about the craft in general.  Writing can be a solitary thing.  It’s nice to have company about it for a few days.

Ryan and I have been hanging out a ton.  I took him to breakfast at my mother’s table yesterday, and the night before, we drained some pints at Bushwakers for ‘First Firkin Friday’.  First Firkin Friday is an event that takes place every first Friday of the month.  Scottish pipers lead a procession of firkin bearers through the bar.  The firkin is then tapped by a member of the procession, and the drinking begins.

I’ve had my office above Bushwakers for almost 6 years and never once was I asked to participate in the procession.  It’s really quite an honour.  Friday night changed all that.  Since Ryan works for a family brewery back in New Brunswick, he was asked to be in the procession, and by extension, I was asked to bear the firkin, along with some other guy who was celebrating his birthday.  We got the whole thing on video.

I have writing on the brain.  I have writing career on the brain even more (and what else is new?).  Today will be a good day to map it out a bit.  I have two plays that need polishing.  I have another sitcom percolating.  I have follow-up with my existing projects.  I have an application to complete for the CFC Prime Time Television program.  I have friends to see, business to schmooze, and things that need handling.

This would be a good time to end the article.  Leaves a better memory that way.

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