The Pieces They Gave Me

I finished the festival draft of Dick last night.  It’s now sitting as a two act, 85 page, full length play.  It’s good too methinks.  They’ll be more changes coming, but for now I’ll let this incarnation run its course.  The festival is about taking a draft to the next stage, not performing a show ready piece.  It’s also going to be good to spend a few days away from it, with a 2,600 km road trip added for good measure.  By the time the theatre creatures get done with it, I’m quite certain there’ll be even more changes.

Finishing this draft was quite moving.  In the last few days I’ve swapped texts with Courtney and had a phone call with Julianne.  Things just kind of worked out that way.  To my mind, the later always bore a passing resemblance to the former.  They look nothing alike, but they both study psychology, they both have demons to fight, and they both became close with me.

‘Becky’ in the play, has always been drawn from Court, but in the play, she came across as enigmatic.  She had depth to her, but people had a hard time relating because they didn’t know where she was coming from.  I know the Reader’s Digest version of Courtney’s past, but it’s all assembled on scrap bits of memory and set out in no particular order.  That’s how she revealed it to me.  When I really think about it, Court has also, always been an enigma to me.  It’s no wonder that Becky came across that same way.

I know a lot about Julianne’s history.  It’s a very different kind of past from Court.  Julianne knows exactly what her problems are, has studied them intently, and is probably more qualified than anyone to deal with it – but at the moment, she just can’t.

‘Becky’ needed a little of what Julianne had in abundance, to complement what she already received from Court.  The resulting fusion was a brand new character.  She still very strongly resembles Courtney, but now has Julianne’s spine.  As a result, her relationship with every other character in the play takes on a beautiful clarity that I had always been searching for.

I am grateful for these colourful women to have come and gone, and come again through my life.  However, if this play ever hits the stage somewhere, I ain’t paying royalties.

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