Free From The Memories

I had a major breakthrough today with ‘Dick’.  I just finished the first Act and mapped out Act II.  Thus far I’ve added 10 pages, and sketched out two new scenes to open the second Act.  After that, the rest of the play should remain, more or less in tact.

Mostly, I think I figured out where one of my characters is coming from, and how her objectives conflict and impact everyone else’s place in the story.  It’s all adding up to a delicious mix of conflict, confusion, and drama.

It’s also funny how one year after penning the first draft, events from different parts of my life, including time I’ve spent in Toronto, are finding their way into the play.  Originally, it was about me figuring out my confused relationship with Courtney.  It’s become something much bigger.  I can see Frank in the play.  I can see Julianne.  I can see the ghosts of people from my distant long forgotten past.  I can see how I’m a different very person today, from the one I was a year ago, at least in some respects.  I can see my mistakes with clarity.

I can also see how time has changed the way I feel about things.  Court texted me yesterday morning and my heart did not skip a beat.

It’s like the chains came off her character, and now I’m free to push ‘Becky’ into territory where Courtney could never go.    The play is free to do what it needs to do, free from precious tender memories.

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