Praise Not From My Mom

Here’s an excerpt from someone not named ‘my mom’ about the videos I just completed.

“Congratulations to the 2012 MABA organizing crew. It was an outstanding event and I was very proud to be a now-distant cousin of the MABA family!

Of particular note were the Vignettes which Jarrett did. They were very creative, artistic, funky, very informative and, yet, succinct. Great job! Probably the best vignettes I have seen after several hundred award dinners over my life-time!”

The gentleman writing the email is someone I crossed paths with a couple years back when I did videos for The Red Cross.  His name is Dr. David Miller.

I realize that I’m flirting with blog rule number two here, but given the amount of anxiety I felt putting these videos together, it’s nice to feel appreciated.  Nadia was sitting in the audience in Regina when they played and she texted me, saying it was good to hear my voice again (I narrated the vignettes).

Today has more writing in the cards.  The first three scenes of ‘Dick’ have been scrubbed clean.  Thus far everyone has an interesting, actable objective, and conventions within the play (ie: talking penis/man) have been more clearly defined.  I also split the play into two acts and am in the process of heightening those act climaxes.  I’ve sketched out new scenes and gone deeper into some of the characters’ back story.

Tonight I’m going to The Firkin on King for Ink Drinks.  It’s a monthly event where they pack a bunch of writers in a room together, add booze, and let things happen.  I attended one in November and met some people.  Circumstances haven’t allowed me to make a return until this evening.

My thoughts now turn homewards.  I’m feeling excited about another long road trip.  Gonna go through Chicago this time.  I figure that by staying on the interstates at 130-140 km/h, I’ll save 6 – 8 hours of driving time, even though the trip would be 100 kms longer.  Northern Michigan and Wisconsin are pretty, but as Sammy Hagar puts it so eloquently, “I can’t drive 55!”

Yesterday was special for one other reason as well.  Changed my Saskatchewan phone number to a local Toronto one.

Bye bye ‘306-537-7535’.  Welcome ‘647-567-7535’.

Kind of rolls off the tongue don’t it?  I called my mother last night to say as much.

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