The ‘Third Rule’

I look back on my many colourful relationships, friendships, chance happenstancings, and other interactions, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the time has come to add a third rule to my blogging.  This so named ‘third rule’ lands sequentially after the ‘first rule’ (no bitching), and the ‘second rule’ (no masturbating).

Henceforth, the ‘third rule’ shall be, “no writing directly about people who are most likely to read my blog, or about people whom yet other people have a vested interest in knowing what I might be saying about said people/persons”.  Parents don’t count.  Grandparents don’t count.  Shawn doesn’t count, nor does Frank.  People I really don’t give a shit about, also don’t count.  People I’ll never see again, especially don’t count.

Really, it comes down to writing about people whom I’m just beginning some kind of relationship with.  It nearly always bites me in the ass.  Why should anyone have an unfair advantage towards knowing my mind, before I get a good crack at theirs?  The nuggets they glean either get used against me, taken the wrong way, or simply just taken without any obligation towards replacing said nugget with intimate details of their own life.

Even when good vibrations are the result, there’s something ultimately unsatisfying about kind words that come too easily.  We all appreciate the view better when we climb the mountain ourselves, rather than simply materializing there.  From now on, if you want to know what I think of you, you should simply ask.  How much I reveal in my answer, will depend on how much of yourself you give back.

Ahem… just so we’re clear, I was using the royal ‘you’ right there, not ‘you’ specifically.

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