Thing Dick

Delay’s with one thing caused things to push up against the other thing, and when combined with my rather casual work ethic thing – things kind of piled up.

I am not a fan of having more than one thing on the go at a time.  Taxes the headspace too much.  Unfortunately, that sort of thing is the nature of my career.  No use complaining about it though, so I won’t, but I do have to get better at managing it when it happens.

I met with a different producer about Highwaymen on Monday.  He’s someone whom Ian e-introduced me to.  Admittedly, the project has cooled off somewhat after TSN passed on it.  The Saskatchewan government’s decision to axe the tax credit (something every other jurisdiction in Canada offers) pretty much kills the series, in its current form.

At best, the project will go into development for a year, with a conventional broadcaster like CTV.  It’s not as great as ‘shooting in June’, but getting paid to write and develop my series over the next twelve months isn’t a bad thing either.  Of course, I still need a development deal from a conventional broadcaster.

This is why I am interested in working with another producer.  Not only is it one more contact to add to my rolodex, but it’s a way for me to focus on doing what I do best, while allowing someone else to bring their own expertise and relationships to the table.  I still have much to learn about the business side of the ‘scripted’ genre.

My focus this week is back on writing.  Specifically, I want to get Dick in shape for the festival in two weeks.  My dramaturge want me to turn it into a 2-Act full length play.  He thinks it has that much potential.  He also thinks it has some major issues to sort out, mostly related to fleshing out a couple of my characters.  I’m at 64 pages now.  Maybe I’ll find the answers I need over the next 10 – 15 pages.

Of course, it’s not about how long the drama is, it’s about how I use it.

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