Easter Tables

Easter was bittersweet this year.  For me it’s always been less a religious occasion, and more a family occasion.  More specifically, it has been about going 40 days without meat and dairy, to sit through a midnight candlelight church service, then winding up at Auntie Sophie’s table at 2:30am for a meat orgy with friends and family all around.  Last night, I was 2,600 kms away from that table.

I was torn all day.  Go to church and probably later wind up at some other stranger’s meat orgy, or hang out with Frank, who’s sister was celebrating her birthday with friends and family?  I was intrigued by the idea of showing up at a Romanian church in the neighbourhood.  Serendipity would certainly lead me to a potentially new community to connect to.  They’d still be strangers though.

I wound up choosing the party.  Frank’s the closest thing I have to family out here.  I had a good time too.  Still didn’t stop my thoughts from drifting half way across the country.  At midnight I phoned home and wound up talking with Dad.  First time I heard his voice since my birthday I think.  Life passes too quickly sometimes.  Jeff texted me a photo from church two hours later.  It was good to be in their thoughts as well.

There was no table stacked with meat to go to, but Frank did know of a burrito place that was open late.  Turned out to be one of the top 100 places to eat in Toronto, according to news articles they had printed on the walls.

I awoke this morning feeling that burrito sitting in the bottom of my belly like a lump of pure bliss.  I had breakfast with Frank and Tang (the person, not the juice), and a short time later was left alone.  I bought fresh fruit at a market on Bloor and as I was about to walk out, saw a spread of garden plants.  I walked back in and bought flowers for Bacia.  Seemed like a good Easter thing to do.  A trip to Chicago Deli on Roncesvalles for some fresh meat and cheese topped the day and a short time later, I smiled like a school girl as I shovelled a fresh made sandwich down my throat while sitting at Bacia’s table.

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