On The Threshold of Eating Meat

They say that when you pass through a threshold (doorway), whatever thought you might have been carrying in your mind, passes.  I’m talking little things like ‘fetch a cup of coffee’, or ‘grab a paper clip’.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with big troubling thoughts.

Well, there are six thresholds I must pass through, going from my bedroom to the living room.  I’m always forgetting shit.  Go downstairs, put my shoes on, and damn – forgot my wallet/jacket/keys/whatever.  Frank’s also forgetting shit constantly.  Like me, he also must pass through six thresholds from his bedroom to the living room.

I meant to write about this phenomenon earlier, but I kept forgetting.

I’ve been occupying myself with the research I’m doing for the Vancouver producer.  I interviewed someone this afternoon, and am looking to meet with another later this week.  In the meantime, I continue to cut a series of vignettes together for the Mayors Arts & Business Awards, happening in Regina next week.  The going is slow, mostly because that’s my nature.  Having said that, hard deadlines have a way of making me a little quicker on my feet (and in the edit suite).

Turning to more foodish matters… I’ve been off the meat and dairy for the last 27 months or something (35 days) and I’m really starting to get the shakes when I think about it.  I’ve been having near erotic dreams about hamburgers.  Six more days and I’ll be able to scratch that itch.  It’s been a near constant thought lately.

Perhaps climbing up and down my stairs will help.

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