Jarrett’s Jade

I am learning that without a ‘to-do’ list, written on paper, crossed out in pen, I can’t make meaningful progress on anything.  If there is one thing I wish I could change about myself, it’s my inability to begin something, without first NOT beginning anything.  Getting started is the hardest thing to do.  That’s what I was thinking when I found myself looking at Harlequin’s website last night.

I met a girl who works in their marketing department.  She reads romantic smut all day long and she put the idea in my head that I could do that too.  I’d never use my real name.  Too embarrassing.  Gypsy Scarth would be my pen name (after my first pet, and the street I grew up on).

Writing smut would be about as easy for me as breathing would be for anyone else.  I have a keen mind for that sort of thing – which is something I struggle with everyday – not making decisions with my dick.  Here’s an excerpt from Harlequin’s website to potential writers;

“These stories should be fast-paced paranormals with strong erotic fantasy and danger elements. Authors should feel comfortable exploring any and all sexual scenarios and shouldn’t shy away from graphically sensual situations. In fact, the short stories should contain many erotic scenes that compel and bind the characters together. Strong, emotional characters that grab the readers imagination are also essential.”

So I’m reading this and I’m thinking I could bang out 15,000 words in a week.  I just need to design a story structure, draw up some great characters, put ‘em in conflict, sex ‘em up some and….

…and that sounds like a lot of work.  It sounds like time I should otherwise be spending making revisions to Dick, or finishing my research, or wrapping up the editing I have to do, or any number of other things that slice at my calm, bleeding out anxiety, a thousand little cuts at a time.

Did I ever mention that my mom named me after a romance novel?  Jarrett’s Jade.

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