Neither Here Nor There

Jeff asked me about Skyping into the hockey pool for Thursday night.  I said I was in, and I have a buddy who also might be interested.  He said, “You have a buddy in Toronto? I don’t believe it.”  I told him that it was true, but I had to pay him though – he’s my landlord.

I’m on the fence about driving home and staying for a month in May.  Seems like a good idea.  I have to be there for the Spring Festival of New Plays (Dick is in it).  Three weeks after that I have a small gig if I choose to take it.  I can live in Mom’s basement, and catch up on long lost friends & family.  Camping on May Long Weekend also sounds appealing.  When I go home, I can haul my camping stuff, my art, and some other odds & ends with me.  I’ll also get to show off my spanking new Ontario licence plate (all the cool kids have one).

On the other hand, I’m making a life for myself in Toronto.  Though I can’t think of anything imminent going on, something might come up.

That’s a rather short paragraph there, ain’t it?  Unless something definitive does come up between now and April 27, I’m going to make a month of it.  All the work I’m doing in Toronto right now, can be done from anywhere.

This means I’ll have to get my CFC application together rather quickly.  Gonna have to make sure I get sufficient time in with those I wish to see before I leave.  I need to write another draft of Dick.  Gotta renew my passport too (it expired in January).  I’m also looking to line up meetings with two producers and one writer whom I’ve been playing email tag with.  I think that’s it.

Now I gotta make Orthodox Easter plans.

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