Catching Up With Myself

I got an email from a representative of one of the largest agencies in Toronto.  He read Highwaymen and thought the writing was strong.  Has asked to see more examples of my work, so I sent him That Moment In Between and Hog Town.  It’s gratifying to see industry pros reading my stuff and having good things to say about it.  Reaffirms my decision to move here.

I’m also contemplating another major career decision.  I think I’m gonna go back to school full time.  It’s an intensive 5 month program offered by the Canadian Film Centre called, the CBC Prime Time Television Program.  Here’s what the website has to say about it;

“The five-month CBC Prime Time Television Program provides a team-based approach to TV series development for writers. With an enviable reputation for its delivery of excellent training and quality project development, Prime Time aids residents in mastering the tools required for: working in a story department, developing dramatic series material, and surviving as a successful writer in the television marketplace. National and international broadcaster and network guests provide real exposure to practical issues such as programming, advertising, production realities, casting and other pragmatic concerns.”

When I was at the WGC Christmas party in December, I was told that 70% of the people in the room had gone through that program.  Not only is it a great way to learn the craft, but it is an excellent way to make key industry connections, have them read my work, and wind up working in a room for them somewhere.  The application deadline is May 18 and I already have most of the requirements needed to apply – a pilot script to my own series, a spec script to an existing series, and ideas for two other series.

Putting Jazzy on the plane on Friday was bittersweet.  Our time together passed far too quickly.  She’ll be back in the summer for a month and I’m already thinking about all the summer things we could do together.

She fit right in around the house.  She had her own room on the second floor (my old room).  She’d hang out by herself, or knock on Bacia’s door when she was hungry, or come upstairs to my place, and otherwise just sit in on the fringes of any conversation anyone in the room might have been having.  She wasn’t connected to me at the hip.  She was her own autonomous house creature, just like the rest of us, bringing her own individual personality into any situation.  We ALL miss her, and continue to talk about her.

I need to thank old friends for being such great friends.  I was driving home from the airport and wasn’t interested in being alone with my thoughts.  Didn’t feel like hitting the clubs, didn’t feel like watching TV, didn’t feel like being alone, didn’t feel like getting to know someone new.

I called Rachel and we met on the street, just off Roncesvalles.  We found a bar and drank vodka ‘til our speech slurred.  Waylon joined us soon after and I wound up crashing at their place.  I slept well and had breakfast at their table the next morning.  My headspace was in a good place again.

So that about catches me up to today.  Life is good and getting better everyday.  Also, I think I’m going to live in Regina for the entire month of May.

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