Upgrades and Roast Beef

I’m having people over in an hour for a roast beef dinner that I’ve been slow cooking for almost seven hours now.  It’s sort of a moving in with Frank celebration.  It will also be the last carnivorous meal I eat ‘til Easter.

It’s been a week of odds & ends.  Got my car and tenant insurance taken care of.  My vehicle inspection is underway.  Plates come next.  Jenny’s video is rendering.  I’ve officially changed all my addresses now that I have a more stable living situation.

I’m in the process of upgrading Sweeney, Phillie, and my iPhone (Jude) to iCloud.  Apple is shutting down it’s mobileMe service in June and I might as well make the transition now, since everything else in my life seems to be in transition.  There’s been a few hiccups, but so far I have ‘em under control.

I also have some thinking to do with my website.  Once Apple shuts down mobileMe, I’ll need to find a new host.  That in itself isn’t a big problem, but I’ll lose features like comments upon moving.  It got me thinking about checking out sites like Blogger, or WordPress.

My blog would be much more available to a wider audience, and I have mixed feelings about that.  Being stashed away on Apple’s servers is like having my own private acreage in a forgotten, not well travelled, corner of the internet.  I can do and say whatever I want without too many people finding out (aside from the six people who read this).  Going public on a blogging site will be akin to taking up residence in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

I don’t suppose my writing style would change any.  I’m pretty much the same person in print, as I am in real life.  I might be a little more selective about what I say in regards to my projects, and the strategic planning I take with them.  I’ll give it some more thought.

Well, it’s time to start cooking the potatoes.  We’ll do some kind of reading after supper as well.  I’m thinking Firefly, or something.  We can watch the episode afterwards.  I dunno, we’ll see.

Cutting Ties to the Past

After emerging from an intense, two day, bookkeeping orgy, I’m spent.

I just left a line of blank space there to let my wit come through in all it’s natural glory.

And I just left another blank line to let my faux comment about ego to sink in as well.

And now on with this blog.  I reconciled 14 months worth of transactions in two days.  New accounting software.  Had to start at January 1, 2011 and work forward from there.  More than accounting, it was me reliving the hardest year of my life, one receipt at a time.

There’s the entry for that bottle of wine I bought in March – a pretty good night.  There’s the receipt for supper at Luigi’s with Jamie in February.  There’s the coffee I bought in Pearson International Airport.  There’s the book I bought for The Girl.  There’s the credit card payment.  There’s the insurance payment.  There’s the rent.  There’s the phone bill.  There’s the cancelation fee for my cell phone contract.  There’s the pizza I bought for the boys when they helped me move.  There’s the full tank of gas in Winnipeg for the Red Cross gig.  If I packed work clothes that trip, I would have volunteered, filling sand bags for the flood they were fighting.

I really needed to go for a beer last night after it was all reconciled.  My stomach was tight.  There was a lot of unpleasantness in them thar entries.  I felt like a failure.

Of course, this was the night that Frank decided to be off the booze for a few days.  We hung paintings and shelves in the living room instead.  Settled in for a movie on NetFlix and fell asleep.

Goddamned motherfuckin money.  I am a pretty good writer.  I impress people with work.  Couldn’t make it add up to much last year.  I let it grind my opinion of myself down to something I’d rather not share, for a good chunk of the year.

Things are good now.  It’s a great day to celebrate the present.  With the cheques I printed this morning, I cut ties to that unpleasant past.

Fresh start.  Got a skip in my step.  Got a bright future ahead.

Everywhere and Nowhere

I’ve had a couple days of not knowing what the hell I’m doing.  That comes with moving, slowly, over a period of three days.  Still not quite there yet.

Frank underestimated how long it would take to paint his room.  In the meantime, he stored a bunch of stuff in my room.  In the mean meantime, I had packed up all my shit and moved it to his living room.  I effectively rendered my life, nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

I will have everything together tonight and then I’ll be focused on taking care of about a zillion things piling up on my back burner.  I have an article to write for Sasha De la Soul.  I have 12 months worth of bookkeeping to catch up on.  I have a couple corporate projects to finish, and a third to start.

I also have an episode of Hog Town to finish.  A producer wants to read it ASAP.  As I mentioned previously, I would love to see that project go into development this year.

TSN has also been emailing me.  I got the ‘please fill out a waiver and we’ll be happy to read your proposal’ generic email that broadcasters send out to people they don’t know.  I’m going to sign the waiver, but insist on getting in a room with ‘em for 10 minutes.  My project is too ambitious, time sensitive, and important to just be shuffled through the back channels without lighting a fire under someone’s imagination first.

The highlight of my last three days was seeing The Girl on Thursday.  She was on her break, so we didn’t commit to any epic adventures worthy of song and poetry, but it was powerful in its simplicity.  We just sat there ‘being’ in each other’s presence.  She suffers from a kind of personality constipation sometimes, meaning she’s not always completely there.  Not so this time.  The Girl was herself, in all her glory, lighting up the room with her smiling eyes.

She’s in the midst of a full weekend right now and my thoughts are with her.  I’m wishing her equal measures of strength, laughter, wisdom, and silliness.

Back to me now.  I wish myself the same.

Right now I’m sitting in a Thai food place on Dupont, having just returned from some shopping I had to do.  I walked because the fresh air’s good for my headspace.  I have everything I need to finish my room now.  Anxious to get it together because I could use a nap.