Cheesy Names

I am well behind in all the work stuff I have to do.  I’m feeling anxiety about it, but at the same time, I’m unapologetic.  The time I take to work, is precious time I take away from being with Jazzy.  Having said that, space is still a good thing.

I set off yesterday with Jazz to do a bit of writing in a coffee shop.  We wound up wandering down King and Queen West instead.  We actually sat in three different coffee shops over the course of four hours, but no work got done.  No reason.  It just worked out that way.

At supper we found ourselves looking at the menus posted outside restaurants down King West, across from the Lightbox.  A man standing outside a very nice Italian restaurant (called ‘Forget About It’) invited us to stand under his heat lamp whilst browsing his menu.  Jazz gave it a once over, looked at the prices, and gave me a nod.

Table cloths, candle light, and a mostly empty room.  She was quite impressed when the waiter opened her bottle of Sprite (from a glass bottle) and poured it into a tumbler for her.  We clearly felt a little low rent for such a high class place, but only for a moment.  They did invite us in after all.

She laughed about not knowing the names of the different cheeses offered with her lasagna.  I didn’t know either, but instead of fessing up, I just told her to ask the waiter as a lesson in asserting herself.  It turned out to be the best lasagna she ever put in her mouth.

Afterwards we got together with Frank and Mae to watch ‘The Hunger Games’.  As usual, she stuck her feet in my lap, demanded a foot rub, and chatted up Mae the rest of the evening.  I’m not the only one impressed with how well she handles herself around people.

Today, I’m sitting in Roncy Bean.  Jazzy’s wandering up and down the street on her own, checking out the various shops.  I am now free to get some work done without feeling guilty.  It’s a pretty good arrangement.

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