A Percentage of Cooler

I woke Jazz up yesterday at 11am.  We had a late night playing ‘Settlers of Catan’ at Sharon’s.  Neither of us have played the game before, but we really took to it.  I also became 33% cooler in her eyes.

Trenna is an actress I’ve known for years.  She’s a Saskatchewan girl and she’s also a friend of Sharon’s.  She sat next to Jazz and helped her throughout the game.  Afterwards we learned that Trenna just got booked as a regular on a Sci-Fi series called ‘Defiance’.  Julia Benz (of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ fame) will be a co-star.

Jazz put it this way, “Julia Benz worked with Joss Whedon, and now Trenna is working with Julia Benz! That makes us two degrees of separation away from Joss Whendon!!!”

So to this point, Toronto’s been a bit of a whirlwind for her.  I didn’t really have a plan for the day so she suggested we go to the mall.  Seemed alright to me.  So we headed downstairs to have breakfast with Bacia before embarking on our day.  A few hours after that, I did something that caused Jazz to nearly break my ribs.

I remember looking at the price, $500, and feeling conflicted.  Jazz just stood beside me, trying not to get her hopes up – mostly because I told her as much.  Then it occurred to me that just yesterday, I was prepared to hand Apple $500 to fix Jazzy’s computer.

I had no idea that I was about to purchase an iPhone 4s for her until I said ‘yes’ to the girl behind the counter at Koodo.  I’ve wanted to buy Jazzy an iPhone since last year.  I kept telling her I’ll do it once I green light a series.  I then proceeded to have the worst year of my career, financially.

She wrapped her arms around me so tight I wanted to buy her 3 iPhones.  It was a great day to be Jazzy’s daddy.

I’m now 52% cooler by the way.

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