Chocolate Soy Breakfasts with Bacia

My first St. Patty’s day in Toronto was spent on Roncesvalles.  I walked the strip for a while and found something to eat.  Wrote some, walked some more, and then finally settled in at Roncy’s Bean.  After a few hours of research, Sharon joined me at my table.

Her and Jerry just got back from the Dominican after recovering from a bout of horrible news.  Being away was a good opportunity for her to sort her tangled thoughts.  Hanging out with me was an opportunity to NOT think for a little while.  It was St. Patty’s Day afterall, so getting drunk was perfectly on the menu.  Jerry caught up with us at Gate 403 and the evening just flowed from there.

On a completely unrelated note, I discovered that mixing chocolate soy milk with my protein mix makes for an excellent shake.  Bacia won’t shut up about ‘em.  Every morning at breakfast I pull out the blender while she fixes breakfast.  I mix it up and make two shakes for ourselves.  They’re the very first two things we consume in the morning.

Can’t wait to introduce Frank to our new tradition.  He gets back from Panama sometime tonight.  He and Tonia were visiting Janicel.  Think I might have mentioned that in a previous article, but just in case I hadn’t, I did just now.

This sentence will make for a fifth paragraph.  And this sentence will wrap things up nicely.

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