Thresholden Exit

What a week!

Picked up a bit of work researching and writing for a Vancouver producer.  I can work from Toronto and if I do a good job, there’ll be more work coming my way.

In the meantime I finished my ‘Hog Town’ script.  Took me a hellova time to finish.  Found myself on page 21 with no end in sight.  Closed my laptop in despair and rode the bus home.  Then as I stepped through the exit, the threshold from inside the bus, to outside the bus, I figured it all out.

‘Dous et Machina’ is a phrase that literally means, ‘from the machine’.  Ancient Greek playwrights used to resolve all the conflict in their stories by having a god appear (lowered from the roof, via a machine), and tell everyone how things were going to be.

It is the worst of all possible ways to end a story.  So naturally, I gave it a shot.  The ‘producer’ character in the story told everyone what to do, and then he left.  As a metaphor it worked.  As an ending, I still hated it.  Spent the last few days polishing it, and I think I’m happy with it.  Sent it off to said producer just now (he’s in the script), and we’ll see if we can put it in development.

In the meantime, I have a weekend full of research and writing ahead of me.  The sun is out.  I’m getting paid (by someone else) to sit in coffee shops & cafes to do what I do best.  Things are great!

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