BNJD 773

I just got new Ontario plates for my car.  The lady handed them to me and upon quick glance, I noticed they ended with the numbers ‘773’.

73 is a number that always seems to come up in my life.  It’s the year I was born.  It’s the number that happen to be on the side of the truck Shawn, Ron, and I raced.  My condo in Regina will be 773 square feet and on and on it goes.  73 is a big deal to me.

So naturally I am delighted with my new plates.  Plates.  Plural.  That’s what the ‘s’ there means.  I have to put two plates on my car.  Bit of a problem.  I have no front bracket on my car, and I don’t like the way a front bracket would look anyway.  I’ll just go with one until someone tells me to do something different.

I also got around to publishing my book today.  I compiled it in December, but didn’t get around to finishing the job until today.  Another way to spend my CBC money.

I also got an email from TSN today.  They want to talk.  Mostly they want to tell me to take ‘Highwaymen’ to CTV.  As a sports broadcaster, they can’t guarantee a regular spot for a scripted series.  Being on at a regular time is important to a show’s success.

I’m not surprised to hear this, nor am I disappointed.  I see it as another step.  TSN and CTV are sister companies and I’m hoping TSN can open a back door for me.  There are other ways they can help too.  The possibilities and opportunities are not few.  I just want to get in a room with ‘em and keep the conversation alive.

73 times is the charm.

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