Distant Anthropological Perspectives

Interesting day.  That would be a throw-away phrase which means almost nothing, except to acknowledge simply, that this article has begun.

I hung out with The Girl and her brother this afternoon.  We had a nice time, wandering all over downtown Toronto together.  The vibe was weird.  Naturally weird though, not convoluted weird.  It’s what happens when I think too much about human interactions, whilst being in the middle of said interactions.

She and her brother are tight.  A raging stampede of diametrically opposed elephants couldn’t break their bond.  Her and I are in a strange purgatory of closeness.  He and I don’t know each other.  With me in the mix, they can’t really be themselves, without excluding me.  Her and I can’t really be ourselves lest we exclude him.  That leaves he and I to catch up with each other.

Making matters more convoluted, was me being the writer.  I was living somewhere deep inside my head, observing the situation from a distant anthropological perspective, whilst being smack in the middle of it.  Sometimes I think I think too much.

Her brother and I bonded over the irresistible lameness of ‘Stargate’.  It was a good way to spend an afternoon.  Both of me seems to agree on that point.

Afterwards I dropped in on Frank’s friend Nadia at her work.  She digs creepy behaviour, so I figured my sudden appearance would be welcome.  She introduced me to her other friend, who was also visiting.

Nadia’s friend’s husband is in the midst of a mid-life crisis.  They have agreed to an open relationship as a result, and she’s now having her issues with the whole thing.  The arrangement has evolved as rather one-sided.

I live for these kinds of conversations, and ours was turning into a gooder.  The friend gave me her phone number, and we made tentative plans to go out for drinks tomorrow night.

I’m like that moth, seeking out flames of really screwy human behaviour.  It fuels my understanding of what makes people tick.  It helps me to understand myself and my surroundings better.  It keeps me sufficiently distracted from diving too deeply into my own fucked up human relationships.

And sometimes I get burned.

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