All My Sorted Relationships

My big honkin’ cheque arrived, and it was a big honkin’ big deal just to find a credit union around here to cash it.  Two days and about 7 kms of criss crossing the downtown of the largest city in Canada, resulted in success.  Bitty little credit union at City Hall.  Who’d have thought it would take such an effort?

In other news, I’m moving in with Frank.  Our bromance has grown to the point where we felt comfortable taking the next step.  I’ll be moving into his spare bedroom tonight – for an extra $125/month.  I’m in the same building, but now I have a living room and a larger space to work in.  Organizing readings, or having guests over won’t be as awkward either(people had to hang out in my bedroom – on my bed – with me).

I took The Girl to an intimate singer/songwriter type concert on Sunday.  Jeffery Straker is an award winning musician from Regina who two years ago, had a single reach #5 on the charts – higher than Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga at the time.  I met him at the Mayor’s Arts & Business Awards last year, and we’ve been facebook friends ever since.

He was playing with four other artists, each doing a 30 minute set.  He came over to chat with us, which was great because it made me look super cool.  He even added a song to his playlist and dedicated it to The Girl.  He’s got a real Billy Joel meets Elton John vibe going on.  She liked the opening act better.

The venue itself was impressive.  C’est What hosts these events weekly.  They have theatre lighting, a sound booth, and a great ambience, set apart from the rest of the bar.  I’ve long been pondering the possibility of expanding The Vertigo Series to Toronto.  This venue is perfect.

I finally got around to phoning the hottest girl on the dance floor.  We talked for 45 minutes and we’re going out for drinks tomorrow night.  She wants to tell me her life story – maybe have me write an article about her.  I guess this means I’ll be ‘researching’ her, which is pretty much the exact same process as ‘creeping’ on someone’s facebook profile.  I just don’t have to feel as lame afterwards.

I really hope she doesn’t have a penis.

Alright.  Gotta finish a Canada Council Arts Grant today, then pack my shit.  Full day, all day long.  Here I go.

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