But First I’ll…

Brab firkin berbitt!!!

Spent the whole day yesterday looking for ways to avoid writing more scenes for ‘Hog Town’ – and was quite successful.  I made tweaks to the Vertigo facebook page and website.  I sent some emails.  I sent emails informing people I’d be making phone calls.  I pushed my backgammon rating up 45 points (one more win and I’ll break 1800 for the first time since last October).  I went to the gym and pushed 125lbs off my chest 22 times (down 20lbs from December).  I Skyped with Jazzy and booked her plane ticket to Toronto.  I waxed philosophic on drug addiction and alcohol abuse.  I read every single available article on the latest dysfunction of the Toronto Transit Commission.  I even googled the term ‘earwax’ and learned something about something I always found annoying.

I didn’t write a single damn thing for ‘Hog Town’.

And now it’s today and later tonight I’ll be sitting around a table with a bunch of people who’ll all be eager to hear the latest episode of my musings — and I’m eight pages short.  I should really finish up with this and get pounding.  I should… but first let me tell you about breakfast.

Janicel joined Frank and I at Bacia’s table this morning.  It was an incredibly pleasant surprise.  Frank watched her on my computer screen for two minutes before he could even muster a word.  He really misses her.  I miss her too, but in a different way.  She was a big part of the vibe in Bacia’s kitchen, before she went home to Panama.  We even read a few scenes from the new episode together.  It felt like old times, except for the part where Frank was being a love sick retard.  That was new.

I am now sitting by the fireplace in Roncy’s Bean, and I’m minutes away from finishing what I started.  But first I’ll eat a sandwich.

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