It’s difficult to be cool and mysterious when all I do is go online and blurt out my innermost thoughts.  Not really fair when it comes to dealing with certain people.  Problem is, I don’t intimately know my innermost thoughts most times until I write them down.

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Kept waking up.  Not just tossing and turning, but full on wide awake.  Is there something going on with the moon that no one told me about?

I suppose I am coming to accept that there are forces swirling around me that I have no control over.  I mean… I DO accept that, I just wish I could feel good about it.  We complicate thinks by over thinking them.  Shit never goes according to plan anyway, so why bother with all the thinky thoughts?  Just ‘be’ motherfucker.

TSN has finally made contact.  The email, a positive one, came at approximately 7:52pm last night.  I responded at 10:37pm, and they (he) got back to me again at 10:42pm.  I sent him (them) the pilot script and I’m optimistic this will lead to a meeting.

I’m two scenes into Act II of ‘Hog Town’.  The changes I made in Act I have indeed made the way forward a little easier.  I’m organizing another table read for Friday at Frank’s.  I invited a bunch of people.  If I push hard, I think I can have it ready in time.

The evening won’t just be about me.  I downloaded a number of this year’s Oscar nominated scripts.  I think it will be a nice change to focus on something that didn’t originate in my mind.

One of those scripts is ‘Moneyball’.  I watched the movie on the plane heading into Regina.  I thought the pace was incredibly slow, and there was something about the structure that I couldn’t put my finger on.  It seemed weird.  Yet, the movie remained compelling for me.  Why?  I watched it again on the flight back to Toronto.  Didn’t get any further with my ponderings, so I started reading the script.

Wow.  Big difference from the page to the screen.  Huge chunks of the script never made its way into the final cut.  There’s a whole character in the script, who doesn’t exist at all in the movie.  Facinating!  This is why I dig reading scripts that have already been made into movies and TV shows.  There’s so much to learn.  So much to contemplate.  Sometimes it’s easy to see why certain decisions were made.  Other times other decisions are real head scratchers.

Funny.  I could stand to think far MORE about the drama in my craft, and far LESS about the drama in my life.  One is an exercise in productivity and the other is just plain dumbass foolishness.

I could say more, but I choose to remain mysterious.

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