…in big cities

“It is fashionable…
to be single…
in big cities…
but not in small towns…
In Regina…
I fell in love…
with her frown.”

‘Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous Angel’ by The Rah Rah’s, has been in my top rated playlist for a couple years now.  The song was actually iTunes ‘Song of the Week’ one week in 2009.  Erin Passmore sings the female half of the duet.  Never met her.  Didn’t even know what she looked like, but I’ve seen her name everywhere.  Her and the rest of the band just got back from Toronto after recording their third album.

I ran into her at Ian’s birthday party.  Shy, quiet type.  Not at all what I expected.  She was a life raft in a sea of theatre creatures.  The conversations flowing across Ian’s table between Greg, Dana, Ian, Kyle, and Donny were so random and happenstance, that I lost patience trying to follow them.  I showed up at her coffee shop the next morning and got the staff discount.

I left the party early to hang out at Shawn’s.  Brad & Beth were over and we played cards.  I helped myself to a couple beers out of his fridge and did my best to contribute to the fun.  I’m good for a random interjection of irreverence to any conversation.  I think that’s why they keep inviting me back.  That, and the fact I’ve known Shawn twenty-five years.

Holy shit!  I just realized how long that is.  I still feel like I’m seventeen most of the time.  I was skyping with Jazz the other day and she said I act like a teenager most of the time.  Sage words from a twelve-year-old.  I took it as a complement.

Onto more serious matters;  As of today I’m still writing Act II of the second episode of ‘Hog Town’.  I recall saying that I might be starting the 3rd episode by this time.  Alas, I’ve fallen to that old habit of not starting.  To my credit, I have been poking and scratching at it.  The thing was lacking a ‘B’ story and I wrote that into the first act.  It’s much more solid now.  Act II should go much easier.  In fact, I’m going to write on the plane today.  We’ll have a table read for Thursday night.  That’ll force me to git’er done.

The Girl has been in my thoughts.  I bought her a book the other day.  ‘Skinny Legs and All’ by Tom Robbins was a huge influence on me.  Robbins’ playful use of language opened up new doors, and changed my worldview.  So it was with great pleasure that I was able to crack it open and begin reading to her over skype.  It made me feel close to her.  It made me feel kind of nervous.

I fly home to Toronto today.

Wow.  I just said ‘home’.  Guess I’m starting to genuinely feel like I really fit in there.  Maybe over the next 406 pages, The Girl and I will also learn how well we fit together – in big cities.

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