Great Big Nationwide Simple Ambitions

The read last night took place in O’Hanlon’s.  A band was playing and we couldn’t really hear ourselves, but it turned out alright.  It was really great to see Kate again.  Big hug and a kiss.  She brought Ian along, her friend and my acquaintance.  We know each other from theatre school.  They seemed to enjoy the script.  Ian invited me to his birthday party on Friday.  Kate will be my date.

Vertigo Series Inc is now an official Saskatchewan membership based, non-profit organization.  We’d been talking for some time about doing it, but the paperwork always seemed too daunting.  I say ‘seemed’ in the sense that I never actually looked into it until yesterday.  In reality, it only took a few minutes, via online forms.

Chantel, Tara and I are board members.  All we need now is members.  Shouldn’t be a problem as our facebook group numbers 220 human beings.  My biggest concern is keeping things simple.

I want Vertigo to be a membership based organization who’s mandate is to provide writers and musicians an opportunity to share their work with an audience.  Rather than serve the interests of our members, we will serve the interests of the artists who perform for us.  That simple distinction should keep petty politics at bay.  If we aren’t about serving our members, there should be no self-serving motives brewing among the membership.  That’s my hope anyway.

I’m meeting with Tara on Saturday and Chantel on Monday.  I’m having drinks with Jim tonight.  He’s our title sponsor.  Since issuing my call for interest yesterday, I’ve received queries from writers across the country to be part of the 2012/13 season.  This thing’s becoming great big.  I’m excited to see how it unfolds for us over the next few weeks.

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