A Methodical Meandering Towards…

I am in the process of turning the Vertigo Reading Series into a non-profit corporation.  It’s like I got bored and decided to create paperwork for myself.  I also felt that creating a non-profit corporation would open up some funding avenues to us.  Thus far I have reserved the name, ‘Vertigo Series Inc.’  ‘Inc’ as in ‘ink’, get it?  The next step will be to file the documents online.  Should only take me a few hours.

In the meantime, I am preparing a Canada Council Arts Grant for the series.  We need to identify a number of writers beforehand.  After talking to the administrator of the program, we should get some money at least.  There’s also another Saskatchewan Arts Board grant that I’ll be working on, just as soon as I talk to a particular someone at the Arts Board.

I also asked Chantel to sit on the board of this new non-profit organization.  Chantel was my producer/production coordinator for a number of years.  I’ve written about her a lot in times past.  We need someone who can eat up intimidating paperwork at a moment’s notice.  I can think of no one better qualified.

Tonight, I have organized a table read.  It’s ‘organized’ in that I only managed to lock down two people to come, and I still don’t have a place to go.  Maybe I’ll call Shawn.  Would that be weird?  “Hey Shawn, good to talk to you.  Can I invite some people over to your house for a table read?  You can come too if you want.”

Just called.  No answer.

Might have to do it at mom’s.  I’ll bring it up at supper tonight.

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