Injecting New Life in Old Tropes

So I’ve been talking about how I’m living inside a sit-com here in Toronto and guess what?  I finally got around to writing it.  I’m so bored with the Toronto Mission that I decided to take some time away from it, to actually do some of what the mission is about.  Write motherfucker.

I didn’t even put that much thought into it.  Didn’t want to tweak ‘Highwaymen’.  Didn’t want to address issues with ‘Dick’.  Didn’t want to dust off ‘Moment’.  Editing and re-writing were not my mood.

I wanted a clean blank page, and I wanted to bring it to life.  Wound up writing six pages.  The first three were even good.  Didn’t change anyone’s names either.  I’m in it.  Leach is in it.  Derrick, Donna, Bacia, Frankie, Tonia and everyone else who’s ever come and gone through my point of view is a character, playing themselves, however heightened.  Gave it another pass last night and now I’m up to 11 solid pages.  Just about done Act I.  Scheduled a reading for Thursday night, and so I have a few days to finish up and polish.  Ain’t nothing like a hard deadline to make things happen.

On a different note, I got my readers’ reports back from Los Angeles for my screenplay ‘That Moment in Between’.  Here’s a snippet of what they had to say;

“This was a very interesting script all in all – I thought it was a unique way of storytelling, made the common “dissolving marriage” idea original and into something we haven’t seen before. I think we had gotten to know a lot about Robert and Ash’s relationship and that the ending felt complete and almost perfect”

“The way the writer plays with time, flashbacks, perspective, and the nature of storytelling itself is engaging, and the script’s intentions are definitely admirable. It is nice to see some concerted effort in taking old tropes (i.e. the break-up story) and injecting them with a new sense of style and tone.”

There might have been some criticisms in there as well, but I can’t remember.

This is the part of my article where I say ‘hi’ to Julianne’s mom.  Thanks for reading.

Back to the writing thing… I finally got to sit down with Ian this morning.  We had a good time.  He had great things to say about ‘Highwaymen’.  We also talked about the business, the craft, and he’s keen to introduce me to some other contacts he has.  More than anything, I walked away from the meeting feeling like I’m on the right track.

I keep saying that.  You’d think I’m insecure or something.  I just think it’s good to keep hearing the same things from different people.  I’m betting my career on the moves I’m making out here.  Spent a lot of time fooling myself in the past.  I am not itching to repeat those mistakes.

So here I am.  Bottom of one article and a half a sit-com to dent by the end of today.  My life is pretty damned good.

1 thought on “Injecting New Life in Old Tropes

  1. Hi Jarret. My name is Gina (Mrs. Faust) and I do enjoy reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer. I will admit to logging on primarily to find out more about you since you are a new friend of Juli’s but I ended up reading a year’s worth in one sitting. May I just add one thought? You have such an interesting life, have you ever thought about a sit com built around your blog? Sort of like a narrative piece (if that’s the correct term). BTW my husband and I will continue to enjoy your thoughts–if you don’t mind, that is.(;

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