Stylish Sideline

Just did a photo shoot with Leach.  She needed images of herself wandering through the city, being stylish.  My fee was a latte at Roncey Bean.

I’m thinking I could do some kind of a sideline with this – except instead of lattes, I’ll charge currency.  I like the idea because it doesn’t require a big commitment, scratches my creative itch, and allows me to keep my writing career front and centre.

It’s the same with art schools.  I’m now on the ‘to call’ list of a couple.  $45 per session and all I have to do is sit there.  Maybe I can offer to teach a course too.  I’ll wear clothes in that case.

There’s only so much phoning and emailing I can do in one week before it all starts to feel meaningless.  I’ve made some good contacts and I’m working them.  Progress is afoot.  Meetings are happening.  Let’s not be greedy.

Tonight Leach is organizing a read for a play she wrote.  It’ll be fun to do a read through of something that isn’t mine.  I’m curious to see what sort of ideas lurk inside that brain of hers.

Well… these are enough random thoughts.  Time to write an ad for Craig’s List.

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