Six Words for Jasmine

Ninja.  Potato.  Eraser.  Smores.  Blender.  Domination.

The secret to Eric’s DOMINATION over the world of POTATO smoothies comes from the mightiness of his nuclear powered BLENDER.

This was your conclusion and I found myself skeptical, yet by the time it was all over, you had once again proven me wrong.

Thank God for the NINJAS is all I can say.  Ten well placed dollars smuggled across the ocean in specially outfitted SMORES was certainly a clever way to engage them towards the clandestine endeavours you had in mind.  I had no idea that you were so well connected.

The world long wondered what secrets lay beyond the high walls of Eric’s fortress.  You were the only one who believed in the mission.  Zealots claimed religious jurisdiction over the mystery of POTATO smoothies and their robes totally clashed with the season.  No one should wear white after Labour Day.  You felt strongly that something had to be done and you did it.

Like an ERASER to the chalk board, you made the zealots disappear.  Secrets spilled.  Mystery solved.  Nothing more to it and what can I say?  I’ll never doubt you again.

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