Adscititious Reasoning

The meeting with CFL Headquarters is set for Feb 1.  In the meantime I’m keeping myself occupied with the Toronto Mission.  I’ve made phone calls and sent emails to individuals all over town.  I have a meeting next week with a representative from an agency.  Met her at the WGC Christmas party in December.  I could be doing more, but I’m starting to feel like a whore.

Frankie got back from his vacation today.  He invited me over for salmon tonight.  I’m excited about that.  We’re calling it a belated birthday treat.  Great way to cap the day.

I say that because I’ve spent the afternoon editing another pass at the YBCS video.  Hopefully I got it right this time and I can be rewarded with a timely cheque.  I haven’t received my CBC money yet and things are getting a bit uncomfortable.  I looked online to assess my financial situation, and instead of numbers, I saw tumbleweeds blowing passed my screen.

I close my eyes and I take a deep breath.  Patience.  In a matter of days things will sort themselves out.  I’m thinking of it as a money fast – a cleanse.  Short term pain for big picture health.

Financial affairs motivated me to look into modelling for art classes.  Contacted U of T, York, and OCAC.  Ryerson doesn’t seem to have a painting/drawing program.  I’m looking into other options as well.  There’s got to be more than just three schools in a town this size.

The thing that appeals to me about modelling is that it requires zero preparation, and zero follow-up.  Zen upon arrival.  Cash upon exit.  Simple.  Easy.  Adscititious to this, is the fact that I can get a great story out of the deal.  Might even be a great way to meet people too.

Well, it’s nearly salmon time.  Gonna wrap this up so I can spend some quality time staring out the window.

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