Picking Up The Phone

I’m back inside Roncy’s Bean, sitting next to the fireplace.  The sun is out, and I walked all the way here from the other side of The Junction.  Yesterday I sort of stumbled onto the place.  Today I made a bee-line for it.

Tony is the proprietor of the place.  He bought me a coffee yesterday and mixed up a latte for the girl sitting beside me.  We didn’t ask.  He just provided.  It’s always nice when that happens.  At another point yesterday, I was fumbling with the napkin dispenser, desperately needing to attend to a drippy nostril.  The girl whipped out from behind the counter with a box of tissue paper.  I didn’t ask.  She just provided.

I’ll be coming here with people soon.

This morning I made more phone calls, looking to line up meetings with production companies.  I also put another call into the CFL.  Left a message with their marketing person rather than their TV person.  I’m hoping the change will yield a faster response.

I remember wrestling with the decision on whether to contact the Roughriders before talking with the league.  I now believe whole-heartedly that I made the right decision.  As I make the case for myself with these perfect strangers, I can at least say that I have the trust of their most valuable franchise to pull this off.

I keep reminding myself to be patient – to trust in the process.  I also keep reminding myself about the absolute clarity I first felt about the Toronto mission.  Meet as many people as possible, have coffee/drinks with them, get hired as a writer.  With Highwaymen now looming, I’m falling back into producing my own stuff.  How does this change things?

I have other projects too.  Maybe I sit on them until they come up in a conversation with the right people?  Dunno.  One thing is certain.  Nothing happens unless I pick up the phone.

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