Full Access

Let’s see… what did I do today?  Brushed my teeth… drank some coffee… picked Jazz up from Grama’s… got a haircut… hmmm…

What else?

Oh!  I remember.  I pitched ‘Highwaymen’ to Jeremy O’Day.  He liked it so much, he brought GM Brendan Taman in on the meeting.  Brendan and I shared an office together in the 90’s.  He remembered me.  He also loved the idea – said he trusts me, and he’ll give me full access to the team.  He’s even going as far as to phone the CFL to set up my meeting for me.  He also said the door’s open to chat him up.  He’s full of old stories.

He also made me aware of some uniform issues that may cause me to rethink the series.  Perhaps instead of following the Yellowhead Highwaymen, the series will follow the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  It would solve a lot of logistical challenges, including home stadium and locker room sets.  I’ve already brainstormed some tweaks to the pilot script to accommodate this change.

I’m just sitting here in the window of Atlantis letting the gravity of the situation sink in.  This great big idea is closer to reality than ever before.  The largest hurdle – access to the team, has been cleared.  It now comes down to receiving the CFL’s blessing, and convincing TSN that this opportunity is worth $2.8 million to pursue.

I should know how that plays out by sometime in February.

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