Classic Elvis

My day started with a phone call to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I lined up a meeting for 10am tomorrow with Jeremy O’Day (Assistant GM) to talk about ‘Highwaymen’.  Kind of a big deal sort of meeting.  I’m nervous, but fortunately I know Jeremy from my time with the team.

After that I set off for a coffee shop to catch up on some odds & ends.  That’s when Ali texted me.  She told me to drop everything and meet her at Performance Marine.  “You’ll shit your pants” she said.

So I get there and there’s this warehouse in the back lot just full of classic cars.  Must have been over a dozen.  Upstairs it was all Elvis.  The space included a vintage 1:1 scale replica of the house he was born in.  The whole thing was completely overwhelming.  There was so much Elvis paraphernalia that it would take a couple days just to see it all.

Best/Weirdest of all, it was just someone’s private collection.  Not for public consumption.  Kathlene, the matron of the family served us Elvis red wine and talked for hours to us about his life.  She played DVDs on a big screen and had us sign her guest book.  Ali left her with the impression that I was important.  Denying my importance, only made me seem more important.

It’s now 7:30 and the evening still has much to offer.  Let’s see what I can make of it.

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