Shopping Mall Coffee Shops

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Safeway.  Does that make it a not real coffee shop?  The only other Starbucks in Regina is in a Chapters.  I never had a problem associating that Starbucks with a coffee shop.  I guess this is the same thing – except perhaps for the cliental.  Book store people are distinctly different from grocery store people.  One has literary types, the other has everyone else.

Jazz and her friend Kayla are roaming Northgate Mall, hence my current address.  There are no good coffee shops in the north end of the city.  It’s weird.  The neighbourhood I grew up in has a plethora of donut shops, but no coffee shops.  Must go with the mentality around here.

I bought dad a latte at Atlantis one time.  He just kind of sniffed it and looked at me.  “You paid $5 for a cup of coffee?”  He found the taste agreeable, but he just couldn’t stomach the price.

I’ve been nosing in my play of late.  The girls had a fight, and the protagonist is about to have his heart ripped out.  “I love you,” she said to him, and he went through to the stars and back.  Big long emphatic love speech.  And then she says, “I can’t be in a relationship right now.”

I need to write the meltdown, and then tweak the final scene.  I’ll be pushing 60 pages by then and this dinky little 1 Act may yet turn out to be a full length play.

There seems to be some interest in doing a read through tomorrow.  I just need a location and an idea of who will be there.  Maybe I’ll just pick up the phone when I get home and start leaning on people.

Of course, I need to finish the play first.  Small thing.  Barely even remembered about it.

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